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Peter Stockland

Peter Stockland is a Cardus Senior Fellow and Publisher of the Catholic Register.

Peter served on the Cardus team for over 10 years as a Senior Writer and Editor of Convivium.  Prior to joining Cardus, he was vice-president of English-language magazines for Readers' Digest Magazines Canada Ltd. He is a former editor-in-chief of The Gazette newspaper in Montreal, a former editorial page editor of the Calgary Herald newspaper, and has worked as a journalist throughout Canada during his 30-year career in the media.

He currently runs his own communications company, Prima Communication, in Montreal where he lives with his wife, Linda. He was appointed as Publisher of the Catholic Register at the start of 2022.  In addition to his journalism career, he is also a fiction writer who has published in numerous magazines across the country. His collection of short stories, If Only, was published in November 2011 by Siren Song Press.

Bio last modified April 4th, 2022.

Thread of 1,000 Stories

The Language of Faith

For the past year, Peter Stockland has had the dream-work opportunity of gathering stories like that of Sikh artist Juss Rani Kaur, from Canadians across the country as part of the Thread of 1000 Stories project.

Come and See Me

Blindness brought Father Jack Kennedy to the priesthood 52 years ago. Not blind faith. Not metaphorical inability to see. Literal legal blindness.  

Appropriate for You

Senior Editor Peter Stockland shares about the Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing and the Golden Thread Contest – and how they matter as ways to "bring together stories that vividly recount the role of religious faith in Canada’s past and present, and nourish active spiritual life for the future."

Noteworthy Viola Desmond

Having Viola Desmond grace Canada’s $10 bill is unquestionably a good thing. It will become a great thing, however, only if it helps us overcome the grave thing it reveals.

A Knock at the Door

Peter speaks with Rabbi Laura Duhan Kaplan about her spiritual journey. For her, interfaith work means being rooted deeply in your faith, then reaching out. 

Full of Life

Kevin Daudlin’s vocation has taught him to seize the day. As a funeral director, he comes face to face with the reality that life is short. That's why his faith means so much to him. Read more here. 

A Parliamentarian's Pursuit

Six years ago, after a decade in the House of Commons, David Anderson was in search of a new issue to pursue as an MP. Eventually, freedom of religion became his personal and vocational pursuit.

Portraits of Faith

Lloyd Mackey set out to highlight Canadian Christian leaders after a long career in faith-based journalism. Read about Mackey's Encyclopedia project here.

A Calling at Oxford

Thana de Campos, Brazillian academic living in Ottawa, Ontario, discovered God while studying at Oxford. Read her story here. 

A banquet of hospitality for Fort McMurray evacuees

Upon hearing news of the Fort McMurray fire, Suzanne Gross thought evacuees needed a meal fit for a banquet- so she gave them one. Read Peter Stockland's report here.

Al Rashid- Mosque and Refuge

Peter Stockland visits Al Rashid in Edmonton, Canada's first Mosque, to talk about their efforts to rebuild community and offer support to evacuees of Fort McMurray.

Give Where You Live

Gertie Groenweg's faith called her to serve her neighbours in distress. Reporting from Edmonton, Peter Stockland watches how faith communities have responded to the Fort McMurray Fire. 

Syrian refugee extends hope to Fort McMurray evacuees

Syrian refugee, Basel Abou Hamrah, volunteers at Edmonton's Evacuee Reception Centre to help residents of Fort McMurray who were forced to flee in the wake of forest fire catastrophe.

Help in the Wake of the Fort McMurray Fires

Peter Stockland reports from Edmonton in the wake of the Fort McMurray fires to see how faith communities respond to the catastrophe: "As she seems to do with everyone, Dalia Abdellatif listens calmly to the agitated young man in front of her at Edmonton’s Evacuee Reception Centre."

50 Years of Yes

Fifteen years into ministry, he questioned himself rigorously about carrying on as a priest. Thirty-five years later, now retired, he still sometimes asks himself “why” he said yes time after time. 

A History of Faithful Care

Greg Humbert is on a hunt to document the living link between faith and health care. Read about his work at Catholic Health Alliance of Canada. 

Rueing the Komagata Maru

On Tuesday, B.C. Liberal MP Sukh Dhaliwal rose in the House of Commons to invite all Canadians to join in celebrating Vaisakhi and Khalsa Day. Prime Minister Trudeau had just reminded Canadians the day before of the deplorable Komagata Maru incident, and vowed to make a formal apology in the House of Commons for the bigotry and mistreatment it embodied.

Fast Forward Faith

Daniel Bezalel Richardsen works for the federal government in Ottawa where he lives a life infused with his own Christian faith and deep interest in other religious traditions. 

Return to Beginnings

For both son and his father, travelling to holy sites in Israel deepened understanding of Christianity as a faith rooted in place. For Marceau, 45, it also illuminated the relationship between the Jewish faith to which he converted in his 30s. 

Faith On A Handshake

David Peck, founder of SoChange, sees his faith through a globalized lens. That means avoiding the exclusivist reflexes so many Christian churches have these days. His desire? "to get six billion faith-based people of the world on the same page when it comes to things like eradicating extreme poverty." 

The Faith to Become a Bishop

For Bruce Meyers, what might seem a radical career to many is part of a natural progression in a life lived through faith since childhood.

Faith in Conversation

The Canadian Race Relations Foundation will hold a symposium in Richmond, B. C. this Thursday on whether cities in this country are doing enough to combat intolerance, including toward religious faiths. We sat down with CRRF Executive Director, Anita Bromberg, to discuss the upcoming event. 

Isolating Intolerance

Pardeep Nagra is not all that surprised when instances of religious intolerance make news. For him, it is a normal experience as a Sikh Canadian. Read about how he strives towards truthful living and social justice amid an imperfect Canada. 

Belonging is Where it Begins

For Christian Horizons CEO, Janet Nolan, it is all about fostering a sense of belonging when it comes to caring for people with exceptional needs. 

Why We Must Ask Why

Even as the world was reacting in horror to the slaughter of innocents in Paris on November 13, Father John Walsh was moving past how and what to asking why.

Faith Creates a Neighborhood

What most Ottawa residents don’t know about the city's first suburb The Glebe, is that it was first church land set aside for sustaining the minister and the congregation of St. Andrew’s, an old cathedral on the corner of Bank Street.

Festival of Lights

More than a story of arrival and survival. It lights the way for the flourishing of enduring faith in Canada.

Faith Across Faiths

Most appealing to me (is) the concept of mercy and love, not only for those inside the religions but for those outside.