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Thread of 1000 Stories

Thread of 1000 Stories was created to give us all space to set down our stories and place them, like outward spiralling mosaic tiles, side-­by-­side. Its deeper role was to create, through the very act of intentional collection, the narrative argument that faith is real in Canada, and faith is vital to Canada.

It’s not to make a polemical or dogmatic or evangelizing argument. It’s to show the very existence of stories of faith in Canada proves faith is an essential part of the whole Canadian story. It always has been. It always should be. It’s a golden thread that connects us by signifying: ‘This is Canada. Faith matters.’

Senior Writer & Editor ‐ Voices from the Crowd

Senior Editorial Advisor

#191: Fighting Against Violence

by Peter Panter on February 23rd, 2018

"I learned my lesson on a warm September evening 10 years ago, and I hope and pray that I will never again raise my hand in anger against another being made in the image of God."

#190: How to Say Welcome

by Anika Barlow on 2018-02-14

Anika Barlow and her neighbour are both sojourners. Her neighbour has taughter her how to say "Welcome" from wherever she stands.  Read more ›

#189: Maggie's Pancakes

by Brittany Beacham on 2018-01-03

"On any given Sunday, you can walk into the kitchen of our church and see an enthusiastic red-head running a team of pancake flipping, toast buttering volunteers with more efficiency than an experienced army general could ever hope to attain. Well, you could. But I suppose that's getting ahead of myself." Read more ›

#188: Excited to Build Bridges

by Mark Tymm on 2017-12-13

Mark Tymm came from one of those families: on Sunday mornings he grew up putting on corduroy pants, buttoned coats, polished shoes, and piling into the van with his family. As he grew, he met more people with different perspectives and patterns (like sleeping in on Sunday!). As his community grows more diverse, he looks forward to building more bridges. Read more ›

#186: A Seriously Extraordinary Celebration

by Katherine Jesty on 2017-12-13

Katherine Jesty recently joined a l’Arche community in which people with and without intellectual disabilities choose to live our lives together. One of the first things that struck her was the joy. Read more ›

#187: Communion Of Fire

by Ashley Linttell on 2017-12-11

"British Columbia is nothing but trees. At least to anyone with half a heart, the freeway disappears and the car sounds fall away like other people’s conversations in a Vancouver coffee shop while you’re having your heart broken. But I don’t know that yet, and anyway the mountains broke my heart first, and harder." Read more ›

#185: Fields of the Lord

by Joanna Geck on 2017-12-08

Joanna Geck learned through personal struggle that neither failure nor success has to define her. It’s the undying love of God that defines her, and who shapes her identity.  Read more ›

#184: Called Out of Myself

by Leanna Cappiello on 2017-12-06

As a cradle Catholic, Leanna struggled to find awe and wonder in the Scripture stories. Love from storybooks, the love she learned of as a pre-teen, felt like protection and comfort. There were times when her home in Caledon felt like an elevated ivory tower. Here, she could claim sanctuary from the confusing dangers of the world. Until September, 2007. Read more ›

#183: A Surprising Journey

by Samira Mohammadi on 2017-11-13

Samira Mohammadi was just 10 years old when she was forced to face the world alone with just her mother and her sister. Through her family's heartwrenching experience leaving one home in search of another, Samira writes that "I can clearly see how God guides us through our darkest days." Read more ›

#182: A Beautiful Blessing: My Brother

by Faith Mallon on 2017-11-13

In her Golden Thread submission, Faith shares about the struggles she, her family, and her brother faced as he struggled with his health from birth. She writes, "Many people would see a child who experiences defects like Liam’s, as 'imperfect,' but they are truly missing out on a beautiful blessing." Read more ›

#181: Not So Ordinary People

by Josiah Forde on 2017-11-13

"The moral of this story is that no matter how you grow up, no matter how alone you feel you can't just look at the disasters happening, you have to stare at God. At His good things in life." Read more ›

#180: Faith in the Family

by Danielle Cuevas on 2017-11-10

In her Golden Thread submission, Danielle Cuevas tells of the story of her parents coming to Canada and going through so many hardships. It "is a simple story compared to many others, but their perseverance to keep the faith strong no matter what inspires me to this day." Read more ›

#179: God Took Me Outside

by Ainsley Munro on 2017-11-08

Ainsley Murno found her faith in the hands and hearts of regular people – and they brought her back to God and what it means to follow directions given over 2,000 years ago. Love your neighbour, care for others, and disturb the status quo to accomplish it. Read more ›

#178: Love Coming and Going

by Becky Brown on 2017-11-08

"When I meet people who are not from my culture but who share this same fascination with Christ and are trying to figure out how to follow Jesus, there is an instant bond, an instant feeling of being at home." Read more ›

#177: Morning's Holy Light

by Claire Brown on 2017-11-08

Sometimes Claire Brown starts her day in the chapel, I going to Mass and praying, making resolutions for an industrious day. Other times, it’s how she ends her day, with sometimes dragging feet, on the way home from a long day at the hospital. Through it all, Claire sees the power of prayer in her community. Read more ›

#176: How We Hold On

by Kaitlin Wynia on 2017-11-01

Kaitlin Wynia's faith and faith community are her point of departure when it comes to making sense of all of the chaos, joy, adversity, and confusion that often colour everyday life. Read more ›

#175: Working with Clay

by Scott Bandy on 2017-10-26

In his Golden Thread submission, Scott Bandy shares about the accomplishments of his grandfather: not published works nor heroism nor authority, but a life infused with faith that strove to magnify the "light of the knowledge of the glory of God." Read more ›

#174: Jake Epp: Faithful Minister

by Janet Epp Buckingham on 2017-10-19

Janet Epp-Buckingham shares the story of Jake Epp, who was called to public life and impacted Canada in significant ways. She shares his advice to people of faith called to the public life: Declare your beliefs early and clearly and live by them.  Read more ›

#173: Six Simple Words

by Christina Oliverio on 2017-10-18

On June 10th 2015 at 6:11 a.m., Christina Oliverio's life should have ended. After that day, six words were transformed from an idea to the means to her existence: "It's your breath in my lungs." Read more ›

#172: Fisherman of My Heart

by Denise Mallett on 2017-10-13

In her Golden Thread submission, Denise Mallett writes of her Prince Edward Island home and her heart bursting with "God’s golden goodness." Read more ›