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2017 Highlights

Designed to engage Canadians and their institutions in a rich and robust conversation on faith in our common life.

The development of our initiatives in 2017 were guided by the principles of our five commitments of undertaking the Faith in Canada 150 project.

Cabinet of Canadians
An assembly of leading Canadians from industry, politics, religion, academia, and culture. 

Thread of 1000 Stories/Voices from the Crowd
We collected stories of faith in 2017. What do you celebrate? What is unique about your community? We want to hear your story! 
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Faith Alliance Network
Our Faith Alliance Network was one of Canada’s broadest interfaith networks to date. We aimed to inspire, equip and mobilize faith communities, businesses and organizations across Canada.
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Millennial Network
The next generation of Canadian leaders were included in Canada’s anniversary. Why? Because they’re the ones shaping the next 150 years of Canadian history. 
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The Ross and Davis Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing
In 2017 we recognized Canadian poets and short story authors whose work wrestle with the beauty and complexity of religious faith. The prize is now presented by Image journal
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Golden Thread Contest
A contest in 2017 which sought to gather stories from younger Canadians - their stories of faith past, present, and future - to help celebrate Canada's sesquicentennial. 
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Faith 150 Build
In 2017, faith-based organizations and individuals partnered with Habitat for Humanity for two special events, contributing to the construction of a 50-unit affordable housing project in Toronto's east end.

In 2017, we encouraged giving as a habit (not a reflex) with a matching program powered by Chimp.