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Our Mission

Faith in Canada 150 existed to celebrate the role of faith in our life together as Canadians.

Faith is a good in our society.

You wouldn’t know it from the headlines today. We have a growing forgetfulness about the contribution of faith to our country, its institutions, and our common life.

For more than 450 years, faith has shaped the human landscape of Canada. It has shaped how we live our lives, how we see our neighbours, how we fulfill our social responsibilities, how we imagine our life together.

Faith has given shape to a country that stands apart in a world deeply scarred by conflict, prejudice, and brutality. This is the story that Faith in Canada tells. It exists to nurture a public conversation that reminds us what our country is and why we live the way we do. It allows us to say, “Here is Canada. Here is why faith matters.”

Faith in Canada 150 originally celebrated faith in Canada specifically during its 150th birthday year in 2017.  

In undertaking this adventure, we offered these five commitments:

  1. We will celebrate the role of faith in the formation of our rich and diverse culture.
  2. We will remind Canadians of the contributions religion has made to our common life.
  3. We will tell stories from our past that resonate through our present and toward our future.
  4. We will encourage and inspire the diverse communities of faith to greater participation in and celebration of Canadian life.
  5. We will help to build a network of leaders across private, public, religious and secular institutions who recognize and seek to nurture the place of faith in our life together.