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Leanna Cappiello

Leanna Cappiello is an artist, teacher and writer with a heart for story. It was during her Drama in Education & Community degree at the University of Windsor that she was acquainted with the power and depth of live theatre. Keeping the passion alive, she completed her B.Ed at Queen's and went on to study Theology at the Master's level at Regis College at the University of Toronto.
Leanna has worked in hospitals, theatres, classrooms and churches, all with the intention of reuniting the long-lost lovers of art and religion. Most recently, her involvement in the Magdala project brought her to Rome in 2016 to co-present an original case study on feminine theology. Her virtual fingerprints can be found on the Catholic Register, Busted Halo, CBC's Generation Why Magazine and Salt+Light Media, where she muses about faith as a Millennial in Canada.
Bio last modified April 30th, 2018.

Thread of 1,000 Stories

Called Out of Myself

As a cradle Catholic, Leanna struggled to find awe and wonder in the Scripture stories. Love from storybooks, the love she learned of as a pre-teen, felt like protection and comfort. There were times when her home in Caledon felt like an elevated ivory tower. Here, she could claim sanctuary from the confusing dangers of the world. Until September, 2007.