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Meet Our Partners: Providence University College

May 10th, 2017

Founded in 1925, Providence University College is a post-secondary institution that has strived since its inception “to help students become difference-makers in church, neighbourhoods, and the professional world.” Located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Providence has changed and grown over the years in a myriad of ways, however the name that it holds today serves as evidence of the faithfulness and call that this post-secondary educational institution seeks to undertake.

Notes Jerrad Peters, Creative Content Specialist in Providence’s Marketing & Communications Team, “Our vision is to become a leading Canadian Christ-Centred university, and it’s a vision we continue to see more clearly as God blesses our endeavour to serve Him in a changing world.”

Boasting a robust legacy of over 8582 alumni, Providence University College as it exists today offers 16 undergraduate programs and 11 graduate fields of study. “We’ve recently added new Science programs and a Business School,” exclaims Peters, “and our Biblical and Theological Studies department is being further bolstered with additional faculty this summer.”

The formation of a rigorous set of academic programs is essential to the preparation of godly Christian leaders ready to serve around the world. While reflecting on Providence’s vast array of programs, Peters notes, “All of this helps us in our mission, which is to teach people to grow in knowledge and character for leadership and service. Our alumni live, work and serve all over the world, strengthening their churches and helping their communities become better places to live.”

Providence continues to grow both in its enrollment and infrastructure. Notes Peters, “These are exciting times at Providence! In 2017 we have already achieved 85 per cent of our goal on our way to fulfilling the largest fundraising initiative in our history. The new Science programming and Business School are a result of that, as are enhancements to our physical spaces—such as classrooms, dormitories and outdoor areas. We have a 100-acre campus to maintain!”

Providence places a high value on diversity and celebrates as their campus continues to grow and expand. Peters reports, “This past year about 30 per cent of our students came to us from outside Canada. We’re proud to be a diverse community—one that appropriately mirrors this country in 2017—and we’re always looking to expand our academic and cultural horizons.”

As Canadians join together to mark Canada’s sesquicentennial anniversary, Providence University College continues to affirm the role of faith in the formation of meaning and purpose in the life of Canadians. Reflects Peters, “Together we have made and are making a large and very significant contribution to Canadian history. Religion is a part of nearly every person’s life around the world and offers them personal meaning and purpose while motivating them to serve their social and physical environments.”

Faith in Canada 150 would like to thank Providence University College for its partnership. For more information about Providence University College and Seminary, please visit:

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