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Meet Our Partners: Corpath

December 21st, 2017

Today we feature our partners at Corpath Business Forums, a Christian Marketplace ministry that helps Christian business leaders pursue excellence in business, life and spirit.

The word “Cor” stems from the Latin word for “the heart of something” and “harmonious agreement or accord.” Combined with the English word, “path” the Corpath Business Forum’s name conveys the organization’s commitment to address “issues that are at the heart of business and personal success.”

Founded in 2001, Corpath served as a “division of a wider ministry” before relaunching in 2011 as a “Marketplace Ministry.” President John Wiseman observes: “We see leaders of influence in the marketplace, transformed by Christ, so that they become leaders of impact for the Kingdom of God.”

Corpath seeks to serve the whole person, providing ministry on both a personal and professional level. Notes Wiseman, “In our monthly 4 hour Corpath Business Forums and our quarterly education events – we accomplish our vision as Christian CEO’s, presidents and business owners come together to learn, inspire and encourage one another to integrate their business, personal and spiritual spheres of life.”

Indeed, Corpath offers support to their members as well as guidance and educational opportunities pertaining to business, personal and family life, and the spirit. In each sphere, members engage in mentorship and growth alongside a trusted cohort of peers. 

Accountability, encouragement, coaching, and exploration of spiritual questions remain at the heart of each and every Corpath member’s experience. Corpath members are encouraged to consider how they are growing, engaging, and contributing on a personal, communal, and societal level.

As Canada marks its Sesquicentennial, Corpath too celebrated a year of growth and Wiseman notes that “2017 was a significant year for Corpath as, in spite of the lingering effects of the recession, we had a good growth year within our membership.”

Faith remained an integral part of Corpath’s mission and vision throughout Canada’s Sesquicentennial. Observes Wiseman, “The Faith in Canada 150 Celebrations impacted our members by reminding them that faith structures have always had a key role in building and maintaining the societal structures of our great nation. This celebration and reminder underscores our desire to see our Corpath members integrating the business, personal-family and spiritual parts of their lives into one integrated whole as they work for the good of their suppliers, employees and customers – indeed of the good of society itself.”

As 2017 draws to a close, Corpath seeks to emphasize the intersection of the divine in daily life.

Observes Wiseman, “There is a tendency for all people of faith to divide their world view into the sacred and secular.  I think the work of the Faith Alliance and this past year's celebration reminds the community of faith, that all of life is sacred.  So I would encourage all, live out your faith with integrity in all spheres of life!”

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