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Brittany Beacham

A graduate of Columbia Bible College, Brittany has a background in Intercultural Studies and is a strong advocate of the global church. Brittany lives with her husband Kenny and their beautiful daughter Libby in Abbotsford, British Columbia. She works in development, fundraising, and communications, and is passionate about helping non profits thrive in the mission God has called them to. When not working, she enjoys getting out into the mountains, baking for anyone who will eat it, reading deeply, and serving in the local church.

Bio last modified December 16th, 2020.

Thread of 1,000 Stories

Maggie's Pancakes

"On any given Sunday, you can walk into the kitchen of our church and see an enthusiastic red-head running a team of pancake flipping, toast buttering volunteers with more efficiency than an experienced army general could ever hope to attain. Well, you could. But I suppose that's getting ahead of myself."