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Student Christian Movement of Canada

We are the Student Christian Movement because we feel called to engage the prophetic teachings of the revolutionary Jesus of Nazareth. We include people of many beliefs and faiths seeking to explore and challenge the Christian tradition. Locally, nationally and internationally, we strive to be a healing community. Through spiritual practice we strengthen and challenge each other on this journey. Embracing radical ecumenism and interreligious praxis, we celebrate the paradox of unity in diversity. We seek through reflection, study and action to discern God’s will for the world and to understand our role in it. Proclaiming God’s preferential option for the poor and marginalized, we act in solidarity with the oppressed to resist structures of domination and realize justice in this world. This we offer as a living prayer.

Type of Organization: Faith Based Organization
Field: Religion
Region: National

Primary Contact
Peter Haresnape
National Coordinator


, Ontario