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Canadian Muslim Youth Federation

In the name of Allah the beneficent the merciful, while there are already close to 155,000 registered charity and non-profit organization in Canada, there are still many needy people who are seeking help and support in Canada and overseas countries. Therefore, we believe that there should be a non-profit organization that provides hope, peace and help, together with other non-profit organizations in Canada, other countries. CMYF is a charity improving youth’s lives through assistance and education, peace, health and human rights. CMYF based non-governmental, non -profit organization. Canadian Muslim youth Federation, CMYF, was founded by a group of young Muslim intellectuals in May 2011 in Canada. CMYF works towards bringing peaceful and healthy relationships between Muslim youths and non-Muslim youth in Canada. CMYF also works to create opportunities for Muslim youths to engage in the social and cultural activities and education about Islam, as a religion of moderation and tolerance. Even though there are many Islamic centers in North America, there is almost nothing targeting to serve the Muslim youth. CMYF will work under the rules and laws of Canada to exercise our rights, freedom of religion and multiculturalism. Ultimately CMYF goal is to save youth from challenges we face such as crime, drug, gang and antisocial activities.

Type of Organization: Not for profit- Charity
Field: Youth
Region: ON

Primary Contact
Abdul Hameed Jawad

29 Budworth Drive
Toronto, Ontario
M1E 3H8