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The Charis Foundation

The Charis Foundation exists to support and promote Christian ministry and assist in relieving human suffering. We desire to see the Kingdom of God transform every part of our world. Our part is to address poverty in all of its forms: spiritual, physical, mental and material. The Charis Foundation is interested in supporting organizations, people and projects that are involved in Mobilizing the Church to Evangelism, Compassionate Evangelism, Economic Development, Education, Communication, Youth and Local Giving. For a more detailed explanation of our Areas of Granting Interest, please visit our APPLY page. Although our mandate is broad and international in scope, we only fund organizations that are registered as Canadian charities.

Type of Organization: Not for profit- Foundation
Field: Development
Region: National

Primary Contact
Peter Roebbelen

4-1400 Cornwall Rd.
Oakville, Ontario
L6J 7W5