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Faith Alliance

A multi-faith, nationwide network celebrating the role of faith in Canada's past, present, and future.

The Faith Alliance began with the intention of helping individuals and organizations inspire, equip, and mobilize their communities to collaborate on unique efforts that tell the story of faith in Canada during its sesquicentennial celebrations in 2017, but also in the years to come. We recognize faith as integral to the lives of those who contribute to Canada's flourishing. We do not want to erase our religious differences, but rather, learn how to live together as neighbours, within these differences.

There is no cost to joining the Faith Alliance. It is an opportunity for you or your organization to be included in the public Faith Alliance database, the largest of its kind in Canada. You will receive a bi-weekly e-newsletter called the Faith Exchange that includes updates, interesting articles, and news from faith communities from coast to coast. 

There are many reasons to join the Faith Alliance. In our daily life, it is easy to be disconnected from others who live, believe, and dwell in a way that is different from us, but who share common goals we may lack awareness of. The Faith Alliance allows you to be a part of a large multi-faith network that is striving to move beyond tolerance to a rich and engaged pluralism. The database is one way to stay connected, to mobilize your own communities at home to celebrate faith as integral to Canadian life, and to encourage the fostering of new relationships locally and nationwide.

The Faith Exchange e-newsletter will also be a way of keeping in touch. We will provide updates about research initiatives from Cardus, the think tank that powered the creation of the Faith Alliance, that you may be interested in regarding issues such as religious freedom and the value of religious congregations to cities, stories that highlight the role of faith in our common life, occasional event notifications, and much more. Content that will hopefully encourage you and your communities as you pursue the common good together.

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