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Mr. Jeff Lockert

Member, Cabinet of Canadians

Mr. Jeff Lockert Jeff is a graduate from the University of Saskatchewan with a B.Sc. in Kinesiolology. For more than two decades, he has been involved with Catholic Christian Outreach – a Canadian university student movement –and has served as its President and CEO since 2001. CCO has regional offices throughout Canada and well as a number of international projects and collaborations.

Jeff has been involved in many national and international events and conferences for young people. He has engaged people throughout the world on many topics including faith formation, leadership, strategic planning, teamwork, character formation, etc.  Jeff writes a blog, Cultivating Virtue and Leadership, focused on topics related to personal development and organizational effectiveness. Jeff has served on or is currently a member of a number of boards and international committees relating to leadership, youth and faith.

Jeff is married to Renée and they have six children.  Originally from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, he and his family currently live in Ottawa, Canada’s national capital, where CCO has its national headquarters.