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Thread of 1000 Stories

The first purpose of the Thread is to let Canadians link to the stories of faith in their lives.

It's to give us all space to set down our stories and place them, like outward spiralling mosaic tiles, side-­by-­side.

Its deeper role is to create, through the very act of intentional collection, the narrative argument that faith is real in Canada, and faith is vital to Canada.

It’s not to make a polemical or dogmatic or evangelizing argument. It’s to show the very existence of stories of faith in Canada proves faith is an essential part of the whole Canadian story. It always has been. It always should be. It’s a golden thread that connects us by signifying: ‘This is Canada. Faith matters.’

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Senior Editorial Advisor

#139: Brush Strokes of Worship

by Marcia Lee Laycock on July 20th, 2017

"Emily Carr’s work depicts that struggle, that striving to faith, that longing to comprehend that which is unknown yet deeply sensed. The first quote visitors to the Vancouver Art Gallery saw as they entered the exhibit was 'Art is Worship.'"

#138: Beginning Again

by Nicole Weir on 2017-07-18

"I grew up attending church and singing in the church choir. But, I wouldn’t consider myself or my family to be religious. As a child, I never really understood why I needed to go to church. I didn’t understand the importance that faith or religion can play in a person's life. I truly believe that my story of faith begins in 2012 because that year the dynamic of our family changed." Read more ›

#137: The Language of Faith

by Peter Stockland on 2017-07-13

For the past year, Peter Stockland has had the dream-work opportunity of gathering stories like that of Sikh artist Juss Rani Kaur, from Canadians across the country as part of the Thread of 1000 Stories project. Read more ›

#136: Faith in Humanity

by Merrilee Fraser on 2017-07-12

We are often asked why we like to go to Cuba when the food is so bad, and our response is “we go to Cuba for the people, not the food.”  Read about Merrilee and Dan Fraser and the deep love they have for their friends in Cuba. Read more ›

#135: Come and See Me

by Peter Stockland on 2017-06-28

Blindness brought Father Jack Kennedy to the priesthood 52 years ago. Not blind faith. Not metaphorical inability to see. Literal legal blindness.   Read more ›

#134: A Great-Grandmother's Amazing Grace

by Elaine Ingalls Hogg on 2017-06-27

There’s a woman Elaine Ingalls Hogg met when she was a child who had a tremendous influence on her faith. Was she rich or famous? No, not at all!    Read more ›

#133: Brian Stiller

by Lloyd Mackey on 2017-06-23

In the last half of the 20th century, the son of a Canadian prairie Pentecostal pastor emerged as a leader within what was then a burgeoning evangelical Christian movement, bringing to it a constructive influence in the national corridors of governance, academe and activism. Read more ›

#132: The Active Heart of Faith

by Darryn Oldford on 2017-06-21

In his Golden Thread Submission, Darryn Oldford shares about how his faith has grown in a huge part through his parents' influence – their commitment to putting love at the center of their lives. Read more ›

#131: My Journey with John Paul II

by Jenny Sullivan on 2017-06-06

In her submission to the Golden Thread Contest, Jenny Sullivan speaks of how faith radically changed through a personal encounter with a person whom she has never met. Read more ›

#130: Grace Irwin

by Rose Seiler Scott on 2017-06-06

Grace Irwin was a Canadian teacher, acclaimed author and speaker who served as an admirable role model and influential Christian leader to students, readers and all who knew her. Read more ›

#129: Universal Lessons From the Holocaust

by Sheila Hurtig Robertson on 2017-05-31

Learn about the Ottawa Holocaust Survivors’ Testimonies Project, which features interviews of ten local survivors. The survivors’ experiences include ghettos in Hungary, Nazi slave labour camps in Germany and death camps in Poland, hiding in non-Jewish homes in Holland and France and in a dugout in Ukraine, and surviving as refugees in Romania and Shanghai. Each story is unique and offers a glimpse into what it must have been like to live through the traumatic events of the Holocaust. Read more ›

#128: Appropriate for You

by Peter Stockland on 2017-05-29

Senior Editor Peter Stockland shares about the Mitchell Prize for Faith and Writing and the Golden Thread Contest – and how they matter as ways to "bring together stories that vividly recount the role of religious faith in Canada’s past and present, and nourish active spiritual life for the future." Read more ›

#127: The Ecumenical Pioneer

by Alan Hustak on 2017-05-26

Irénée Beaubien was a Jesuit who started the Canadian Centre for Ecumenism and pioneered the ecumenical movement in Canada long before the Roman Catholic Church promoted the idea of interfaith dialogue. Read more ›

#126: Old Wool and New Threads

by Gerry Turcotte on 2017-05-25

"If there are such things as life-defining moments then that was surely one of them. I will never again take my good fortune for granted, and I will always remember that all gifts matter, be they large or small." Read more ›

#125: Past, Present, Future Faith

by Heather Lane on 2017-05-23

Heather Lane of Thornhill, Ontario has submitted her story of faith to the Golden Thread Contest. Read what this five-letter word means to her. Read more ›

#124: J. I. Packer

by Neil Bramble on 2017-05-12

The life story of James Innell Packer is the story of a shy, introverted young boy of humble beginnings who became a dominant voice guiding the development of British and North American evangelical Christianity after WWII.  Read more ›

#123: The Positive Difference of Islam

by Imraan H. Assim on 2017-05-10

In the past 20 years, Muslims have had to deal with varieties of attention, stigmas, and stereotypes. As a response, they’ve had to develop mature ways to carve out and articulate their Canadian identity while maintaining their faith. Imran Ally, a faith leader who is deeply involved in his community in Toronto, lives out what it means to be a Canadian Muslim. Read more ›

#122: Leonard Denithorne Crimp

by Neil Bramble on 2017-05-05

Leonard Crimp was a visible leader, always present. Able to cast vision and to inspire others, he took the long view; he led by example. Through the H. J. Heinz Company his influence was felt across Canada and in several other countries; in The Gideons it was felt around the world. Read more ›

#121: Republic of Stars

by Louise ZoBell on 2017-05-03

Little did we know that vacations in the beautiful Dominican Republic beginning in 2006 would lead to the establishment of a humanitarian foundation, the Dominican Starfish Foundation. Read more ›

#120: Mind the Gap

by Pamela Kenney on 2017-05-02

In January 2015, the unemployment rate in Alberta was hovering around 4.6 per cent. Today, it is almost double that at 8.8 per cent. The Canadian Poverty Institute at Ambrose University is searching for solutions to end poverty. Read more ›

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